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  • Cuy1. Eat the cuy.

    Seriously. One culture’s messy house pet is another’s roasted main course. You might want to avoid its eyes the first time, as it will be served with its face more or less intact.

    2. Add water to the coffee.

    Don’t be a hero, it’s not like sipping Italian-style espresso. It’s a velvety smooth party in your mouth. Try it like the Peruvians in Cusco do, with plenty of hot water or milk and some sugar.

    3. Try the traditional menu.

    Also called the menu típico or menu del día, this delicious option has several names. You’ll probably not finish the several courses you’ll get at a bargain price, but it’s a delicious way to sample traditional fare. You shouldn’t pay more than S/.10-15 and will probably pay less if you ask or look around. If you’re gullible and impatient you will probably pay more, but it’s bound to still taste great regardless of the price.


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  • Peruvian elixir of immortality

    emolienteRoaming around the narrow streets of Cusco in the night there is now way you won´t bump into small white trolleys which make tourists frown, as they have now idea what is being served. Neither had I… They are usually packed with several bottles filled with colourful liquids. The strange mixture is called “emoliente”.

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