I can’t believe my time in Argentina is approaching 4 months. No thoughts of returning to my homeland just yet, as its getting cooler which means I can put a jumper over my man boobs and go out with more confidence.

It’s actually taken four months to lose the weight I put on in the first three weeks here.

I call that period in my life –  BEEF.


More food: Did someone mention meat? I also discovered what I like to call “The Boulevard of Broken Ribs” just near Avenue de los Italiaonos. For as far as the eye can see mobile grill vans offer succulent carcases on the banks of what was probably a river (now just weeds). Just yesterday I stopped for a huge roast beef roll, then walked 100 metres to get a roast pork sandwich, followed by some freshly squeezed OJ. Total price around $5US. Awesome.
beer_argentinoBeer: I have found a bizarre (yet tasty) beer company that has its own theme park 30 minutes out of town (http://www.barbaroja.com.ar/). Beer, archery, beer, mini-golf, beer, you get the picture.
Sport: I’ve started playing indoor soccer on Saturday afternoons in an abandoned warehouse a few suburbs away. The standard is far too high, especiallysince I haven’t played since 1990, though I do bring a bit of Australian Rules grunt to it. Most of the time the guys on my team bark orders at me to start playing defence, but Chris Canty doesn’t play defence.
Once I had to ask to be interchanged early (lack of fitness) and said “Soy Caliente” (I’m hot). A few days later a mate told me I was actually saying “I’m horny” – that explains the phone numbers. They were also surprised to learn that the Tasmanian Devil was real.

soccer_argentinoOn Wednesday nights I play PADEL – it’s a game played only in Buenos Aires and is kinda hard to explain (squash meets royal tennis) – better to view it here www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkFL1gSiK8w.
Spanish Classes: I guess the major development is that I started intensive Spanish classes last month. While I breezed through the first week with my “Pub-Spanish” and “watching re-runs of Quantum Leap Spanish” it took me a few weeks more to realize that I was actually losing the ability to communicate.
Let me explain – usually I would enter a pub, order a beer incorrectly, refer to the barwoman as a man, comment on being permanently randy and then say yes “I egg football on saturdays” (note “egg” and “play” sounds the same in Spanish).
Now I go into a pub, take 30 seconds remembering the correct informal greeting, then a further minute to remember what gender the actual beer is (yes its strange), then take a further 3 minutes to remember the correct terms for permanent/non-permanent “I am”. Talking correctly is time consuming and doesn’t get the laughs I’ve come accustomed to, but I know in the long run. it is for the best.
St Paddies Day: St Paddies day has always been a fav on my calendar and this year proved no different. I discovered that over 500,000 Irish people lived here and the streets in the CBD were packed with party goers. I went to the local Irish pub where they hired bag pipe players to perform Scottish songs in front of teenage girls doing “lord of the dance” routines. We were the only “foreigns” there so people started taking photos of us as if we gave the event some type of authenticity. I woke up the next morning with a strange green pixie hat on.
Speaking of “foreigns” take a look at this youtube mock clip. It sums up the stereotypical nature of expats here very well and yes that’s the tune to PERFECT STRANGERS.