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  • Medical spanish in Peru And Argentina

    Our Spanish course “Medical Spanish” is especially designed for doctors, nurses, social workers, medical students etc. The course focuses on medical terminology and information to improve communication with Spanish speaking patients. Special attention will be given to cultural differences between the western world and Latin America – especially Peru and Argentina – including information on subjects such as health, illness, family issues, etc. and how they are dealt with by the Latin Community.

    On the weekend, overflowing rivers caused a large landslide that destroyed almost the entire village of Taray in the Sacred Valle in Peru, with flooded homes, destroyed roads, crops, infrastructure and lost lives. 80% of people have also lost their homes. The AMAUTA school building is situated on the far side of the valley from the affected area and is therefore fine. None of our students or Spanish teachers were there at the time. However, the devastation in the village of Taray is catastrophic, and the people there are left with nothing and in need of help. They are living in tents and are surviving only by the help of outsiders and organizations from Cusco.