I hade been for a few weeks in Buenos Aires, studying at AMAUTA SPANISH SCHOOL and I enjoyed this so much that I extended my stay. That gave me the opportunity to do some more weekend trips, so one of those weekends my friends and I hit the road for Mar del Plata. One motorcycle tap, ten U-turns, a flat tire, and forty-eight hour later we returned to good old Buenos Aires, happy to be home. In the States we would say “this trip is one is for the books” Nevertheless, even with our many mishaps along the way, Mar del Plata was worth our while.

An easy drive from Buenos Aires–just stay straight on Autopista La Plata for 400 Klms– Mar del Plata offers the perfect weekend getaway. Quaint and welcoming, this massive beach town claims a special place in the hearts of many Porteños. Whether you visit in chilly mid July or in the extreme heat of December, the deep blue tone of the delta and white sands are always there to greet you…. By the way, the cost of visiting Mar del Plata also varies greatly depending on the season. In the off season, everything is very inexpensive, roughly half the cost of things in Buenos Aires.

Weekend Trip for Spanish Students in Buenos Aires, Mar de Plata (más…)