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  • The Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, one of the most acclaimed writers in the Spanish-speaking world who ran for president in his homeland in 1990, won the 2010 Nobel Prize in literature.
    Vargas Llosa has written more than 30 novels, plays and essays, including "Conversation in the Cathedral" and "The Green House." In 1995, he was awarded the Cervantes Prize, the Spanish-speaking world’s most distinguished literary honor.

    The academy’s permanent secretary, Peter Englund, said Vargas Llosa "is a divinely gifted story-teller," whose writing touches the reader. "He is one of the big authors in the Spanish-speaking world," Englund said.

    Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa wins Nobel Literature Prize


    Spanish Student at AMAUTA Buenos Aires

       Matthew Benwell (UK, 28 years):

    Spanish Student at AMAUTA Buenos Aires "AMAUTA Spanish school in Buenos Aires offers a great environment to learn Spanish. The teachers were extremely friendly and approachable and balanced the classes with an adequate mix of conversation and Spanish grammar. Furthermore, the Spanish lessons were varied (including literature, drama, role-play and more) and pitched at the right level and included teachers from different countries in Latin America, enabling me to understand different accents and forms of Spanish. The additional activities (which included walking tours of the city, tango classes and visits to prominent museums in the city) encouraged me to learn much more about Argentina outside of the classroom and were a great way to get to know the other students. For an allround Spansih language- and cultural-learning experience, I would definitely recommend AMAUTA."