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    Participants of our Spanish TEFL course, learn or improve their Spanish while obtaining their TEFL certificate in Peru or Argentina, with which they will be able to get a job as a certified English teacher everywhere in the world. This course is thé passport to living your dreams abroad, teaching English in exotic locations in Latin America and all over the world.

    During the first two weeks, you will be studying Spanish. Our Spanish group lessons offer customized instruction at the level and pace that best suits you. AMAUTA is well known for its interactive, clear and personal teaching methods. The second part of the program (starts on Monday or Wednesday of week 3) consists of your TEFL course. This International TEFL Certificate course is a practical and thorough course designed for candidates that have no or little previous experience in English teaching.  During the 4 week TEFL course you will become familiar with the principles of successful EFL teaching and start developing the practical skills that you will need to teach effectively.

    Spanish and Tefl

    6. Get involved in Argentinean culture

    Showing interest in Argentinean culture will win you a lot of respect; taking part in it is even better! There are a few things in Argentina which play a very important role in daily life. Fútbol is one of these. If you get the chance to visit a football match in Argentina, don’t hesitate. It will be one of your best experiences in Argentina. There are nearly ten football clubs playing in Buenos Aires, so lots of options. The biggest clash is River Plate versus Boca Juniors. It’s considered one of the biggest rivalry sport events in the world. Besides football, the tango is intertwined with living in Argentina. Lots of Spanish schools offer tango classes. Too lazy to take classes? Free tango shows are given in the weekends on the San Telmo market and in La Boca.

    7. Read the newspaper

    In order to understand more about the culture and to keep track of what is going on in the country, do read the newspaper. The Argentina Independent is a free newspaper in English and covers Argentinean as well as other Latin American and world news. The Argentina Independent puts lots of attention on Argentinean culture too. This newspaper gives you a good insight in daily life. And after a while, with your newly obtained Spanish skills, you might be able to understand and read Argentinean newspapers, like El Argentino o La Nacion.

    Tips to make the most out of stay in Buenos Aires

    1. Learn Spanish

    Even though English is commonly spoken by many (young) Argentineans, practicing your Spanish before traveling to Argentina or whilst being there is a big surplus. Understanding the basics of Castellano is not only convenient in getting around; it is also greatly appreciated by the locals. Learning a language doesn’t come easy for many of us, especially the Porteño (Buenos Aires) accent mixed with Lunfardo slang acquires some adaptations. Practice your Spanish skills when bargaining on the market, or in a bar when meeting new people. It’s fun! And probably before even realizing you end up saying things like: "Che, qué haces boludo?"

    2. Talk to locals and travelers

    If, at some point, you think that your Spanish is getting somewhere, make use of it! Local people are fun and friendly and can provide you with inside information about hidden boutiques, good restaurant, nicest sunset spots and upcoming festivals. Talk to travelers too. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Their suggestions might end up being the most memorable experiences of your trip.

    Tips to make the most out of stay in Buenos Aires

    Win a Free Spanish Course

    AMAUTA has been offering successful and communicative Spanish Classes in Peru since 1998 and in 2008 we proudly added Buenos Aires (Argentina) to our destinations. At the same time, we started working closely with our affiliated Spanish schools in Lima (Peru), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Bariloche (Argentina).  Now, we are ready now to start planning the opening of our third AMAUTA location, which we hope to open in 2011.

    Win a Free Spanish Course


    Many Spanish students might think Mo ight of the week. But hey, if you are in Buenos Aires studying Spanish at our Spanish School right now, you are totally mistaken. Join your fellow students and head up to Cultural Center Konex, and Monday nights will become your favorite night of the week. Your week will begin with rhythm, dance and loads of energy.

    La Bomba de Tiempo

    This is a tribal party where sounds come mostly from the drums and the added elements of dance music. La Bomba de Tiempo is a tropical cocktail with a mix of Indian, Moroccan, Brazilian, Argentinean and African sounds. (más…)