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  • Christmas Dinner in Peru and Argentina

    There are various Argentinean Christmas plates. On December the 24th, Christmas evening is celebrated with a large meal. Normally Argentineans enjoy a late meal consisting of cold meat and vegetable and fruit salads. They take their time to eat and also their time to prepare. It’s a tradition to eat outside because of the heat during summertime. A few Argentinean Christmas plates are ‘Ensalada Rusa’, ‘Pollo a la Provenzal’, ‘Empanadas’ and ‘Pan Dulce’.

    “Pollo a la Provenzal” is a chicken marinated with onions, parsley, garlic, rosemary, sage pepper, salt and finally wrapped in bacon. It is a typical dish that comes from the north of the country, often accompanied by a cold salad, like Salada Rusa. This cold salad consists of carrot, potatoes, peas and mayonnaise.
    After the Christmas dinner, Pan Dulce is the preferred Christmas dessert in Argentina; Pan Dulce is similar to fruitcake or muffin with raisins and candied fruit .

    Christmas Dinner in Peru and Argentina

    AMAUTA Volunteer Testimonial

    The project AMAUTA placed me in, involves working with teenage girls between the ages of 13-17. Generally there are anywhere between twelve and eighteen girls. The girls are Extremely enthusiastic to have volunteers around. men. Only a handful of them attend school and have the privilege to leave their home, so all visitors are happily embraced. You do need an intermediate level of Spanish for this project or else you will end up feeling fairly lost. Most of the girls are fairly patient and love helping you look up words in your dictionary if you are struggling with your Spanish. There is little structure to your volunteer actual time in the project, so you need to be comfortable with a more low key environment and building relationships. Otherwise it is great to come up with your own project to do with the girls. Half-way through this project I decided to start an art studio for the girls with money donated from friends and family. They have a large room for making paper which is now a perfect spot to create an art studio. The girls are very excited about this studio project and it was the first time I was able to actively engage all of them at one time for a two-hour stretch period and see them both animated and happy. It would be great to find someone to continue this project after I am gone. While these girls were prostitutes in the past, overall they are normal, hyper, and sometimes moody teenage girls. They love to hug, chat about your love life, giggle, and play volleyball. I you have some time available, I’d recommend you stay at least 6 weeks, as it takes a while for the girls to trust and embrace you. Thanks for organizing this, AMAUTA, this is an experience I will never forget!

    Amauta Volunteer Testimonial