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  • I wake up early. This week I will have morning classes. My shoes are still drying up on the window sill. The weather this time a year is “loco” here. They do not have seasons as in Sweden or in many other parts. As my Spanish teacher says, “here the birds always sings”. Not as the silent winter.

    Cusco has two types of seasons, rain and sun period. And the moon is opposite than when seen from the skies of Europe. During the mornings, the clouds are still hovering above the distant mountains. My peruvian sister use to tell me that “when it rains in San Blas, it will start rain in Cusco city”, but I think it is very hard to foretell the weather here.


    AMAUTA Spanish School offers the unique opportunity to study in three different locations within Peru: in the beautiful City of Cusco, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and in the rainforest reserve of Tambopata. Each location is profoundly different, and highlights a unique aspect of Peruvian culture.

    The AMAUTA School is the Sacred Valley is located in Yanahuara – a small rural village near to Urubamba. It’s a great chance to escape the city and know more about the traditional rural lifestyle in Peru. The Valley itself is lush and green, filled with many inca ruins and lined by stunning mountain peaks and glaciers reaching up to 6,000m. The school itself is spacious and pretty, with plenty of room to sleep, eat, study and relax around the gorgeous garden. I was placed in a group with classes in the afternoon from 4pm to 8pm, so I had all morning and early afternoon to enjoy the Sacred Valley. There is so much to see and do, one week is nowhere near enough; I could happily stay a month living this relaxed pace of life!

    Study Spanish in the Sacred Valley of the Incas with Amauta Peru

    The location of the school in Yanahuara feels quite remote compared to Cusco – where the school is just a block from the bustling Plaza de Armas! Though you can find all your usual commodities in nearby Urubamba, 25 minutes on foot or 20 minutes by “moto-taxi”, in Yanahuara there is nothing: no internet, no restaurants, no bars – it is the perfect peaceful retreat from Cusco.