The AMAUTA school offers activities on the evenings. It could be extra classes on different subjects, Spanish movies, salsa classes or you could learn to play the “kena” (peruvian flute) or the drums. In the same location as Amauta (which by the way means “profesor” in quechua, that you may also study here), the travel agency “Dos Manos” has its office. They arrange transfer and pick up from the airport (which is recommended, since there are many taxis hovering for new comers).

The first day I visited AMAUTA, their agency Dos Manos arranged a guided tour of the city. We familarised ourselves of the town, went by the solar temple, the market of San Pedro…well here are some pics of that.

My sweet Peruvian sisters also showed me around one day. They showed me their University and we went eating typical food.