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  • Dia del Estudiante with AMAUTA!

    On the 23rd of September each year, Perú celebrates Día del Estudiante (Student Day)! It is a day to recognize the hard work of students, to congratulate and support them on their endeavors to be better people and professionals, and to enjoy the art of learning. Since AMAUTA is a Spanish school, and AMAUTA is full of students, and AMAUTA loves its students, AMAUTA organized a day of celebration!

    Dia del Estudiante with AMAUTA

    The day started off as usual with a lovely breakfast of eggs, bread, and fresh juice followed by some Spanish language practice. Then, promptly at 10:00 AM, the bus left the school and made its way along the winding road from Cusco to Pisac, which is a picturesque Andean city located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The jaw dropping views of the fertile lands and historic Incan terraces made this 30-minute bus ride a treat in itself. However, the fun really began once we arrived in Pisac.

    Top 15 Tips for Learning Spanish

    Learning a new language is challenging at the best of times however, following these handy hints will help make the process a lot easier (and fun too!).

    Top 15 Tips for Learning Spanis

    • Use flashcards, and keep them with you EVERYWHERE you go.
    • Label all your surroundings in Spanish.
    • Do not expect perfection! Expect mistakes, and do not be embarrassed by them.
    • Develop an “ear” for the way the language sounds – watch films, television, listen to the radio, etc.
    • Be consistent with your learning – practice for a set period every day.
    • Talk to yourself!
    • (más…)

    Study Spanish in the Rainforest!

    Here in Tambopata, it is definitely possible to easily survive without cellphone and internet! There is so much to do and explore!

    One week studying Spanish in Tambopata is full of adventures and great experiences! The boat ride from Puerto Maldonado to the resort is very nice and interesting. On the way to the resort, there is so much to see. You see how the people live and how they uncover gold from the river. Even watching the boat traffic is interesting! 🙂

    Study Spanish in the Rainforest!

    I really liked the AMAUTA Tambopata resort where we stayed. The big swimming pool was definitely refreshing after all the trips we did! The bungalows are lovely furnished, and the AMAUTA staff is so nice! I appreciated the fresh pressed juice we had every day and the food was also very delicious! Every day after class there was something to do, such as a trip to an Indigo village where we could swim in the river and walk through the jungle.

    One of the nicest things of studying Spanish in any country where it’s spoken is the cultural immersion. You do not only improve your Spanish language skills but you learn so much about local culture, habits, fiestas and history. In my case, I spent many others in the kitchen with my Peruvian host mum and she revealed my secrets of Peruvian cuisine to me!

    One of the things I loved from the first moment on, when my stomach was still adjusting to the altitude and others, was the Chicha Morada.

    Chicha morada is a non-alcoholic drink. It is incredibly refreshing and REALLY easy to make. Don’t let the thought of drinking purple corn turn you off to trying this recipe. It’s actually delicious and you’re not going to eat the corn anyway!

    Secrets of Peruvian Cuisine: Chica Morada