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  • Before I left Amsterdam I asked the people around me to think up ways for me to connect with them while in Buenos Aires. I told them there would be days I’d be feeling somewhat blue and ‘wouldn’t it be great if I then could connect with you?’ I got 61 little assignments. Some are easy. ‘Make a self-portrait every day’ for example. But what about ‘Eat a complete Parilla. You may need some help.’ What??! I don’t even know what that means… One of my friends asked me to share with her the moment I heard a new Spanish word that ‘made my ears tingle’.

    Back  home in Amsterdam I imagined I would be hearing beautiful words everyday while strolling around the many lushes cosmopolitan avenues here, but as it seems I’m all into semantics at the moment. I hardly ever have time (or space in my head) to focus on aesthetics. Except, but of course, yesterday.

    What to Pack for the Inca Trail Trek: Our Eleven Essential Items

    We were in Spanish class and my mind wondered off when I first heard this ‘I am so pretty I should be wrapped around in cellophane with a ribbon on top’-word. Nubes. Nubes. Nubes. If you say it fast it makes me think of a string of little golden beads falling onto a wooden floor in a stately home somewhere in 1920’s Savannah. Stretched out, like my teacher Flavia says, it reminds me of thick white stripes of air dancing round oak trees in a deep and dark forest.


    Almost all students studying Spanish in Cusco, will visit the famous Machu Picchu ruins, either before , during or after their Spanish classes.

    Many students participate in the famous Inca Trail, a four day hike to Machu Picchu. Here is a list of essential items you do not want to forget!


    • Backpack: This might seem obvious, but it is so important to have a good backpack for this trek.
    • Passport: You will need this to get into the ruins when you finally reach Machu Picchu. You also need to bring your International Student Identity Card (ISIC) if you have one for the student discount.
    • Hiking Shoes and Clothes: We always recommend dressing in layers because the weather is constantly changing.
    • What to Pack for the Inca Trail Trek: Our Eleven Essential Items

    It is believed by scientists that all potatoes have a single origin in Peru where thousands of varieties still exist in the Andes and where over 100 cultivars might be found in a single valley. It is also believed that the potato was first domesticated between 2000 and 3000 BC and flourishes today in a wide variety of colors, flavors, textures and sizes. There are approximately 5,000 varieties worldwide, 3,000 of them are found in the Andes, mainly in Peru.

    Immersed in Peruvian culture while learning Spanish: Potato Perfection!

    Here in Peru, potato connoisseurs can sample from nine different colors of native potatoes, varying in texture, flavor and nutritional value. Some have drawn the attention of the world of haute cuisine as exotic ingredients and have been used in exhibitions because of their flavors as well as nutritional value. Their traditional uses are as varied as the potatoes themselves each having its own special or ceremonial use. Some potatoes are for eating, some for weddings, baptisms, some for funerals and so on. Some are high in antioxidants, like the red “moro boli” some need to be soaked or steamed and some are made into potato alcohol.


    So. Learning has started here at AMAUTA Spanish School in Buenos Aires. It’s back to school all over again. Students, teachers, classrooms. Some things are quite different though. It’s funny how something mandatory in high school can be so much fun later in life. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires surrounded by bigger-then-big trees, and sweeter-then-sweet sweets* but new palabras and verbos (do go and search for them on Google Translate) are going round in my head like a 16-year old American girl going round her walk-in closet on a Friday night.

    In the beginning (about classmates,homework en fun teachers)

    I even like my homework because every new bit of integrated information makes it easier for me to connect with Buenos Aires and her lovely Porteños. Being able to order your own café con leche con tres medialunas without having to use your hands and feet is not only easier but much more fun.