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  • Living and volunteering in South America can come with quite some challenges. It is very important to know you can count on the support of a professional and experienced organization. AMAUTA has been offering Spanish courses, cultural activities and arranging volunteer work in Peru and Argentina in a huge variety of fields since 1996.

    Upon your arrival in either Cusco or Buenos Aires, our local volunteer coordinators will be your contact persons to discuss the wishes and desired objectives you have of your volunteer project. Besides informing you about anything you need to know about the placement in question, they are always available to talk to you about your experiences and even more importantly, any concerns that might raise while volunteering.

    Our local volunteer coordinator in Peru, Martina Käser, is originally from Germany.  She studied Spanish (and speaks a couple of other languages too!) and volunteered through AMAUTA. We share her story so you already get to know her:

    Why experienced volunteer support makes all the difference!

    January 2010 was the first time I decided to travel to South America – new culture, new people and a lot of new impressions. I had already studied Spanish as a subject at university, and also spent a semester abroad in Valencia, Spain. However, I still wanted to improve my understanding of the grammar and especially practice my conversational skills! The lessons provided me just what I was looking for; the perfect mixture of grammar and conversation through all kinds of engaging exercises. I most fondly remember the week I spent at AMAUTA’s countryside location, the Spanish school in the Sacred Valley, which was an absolutely amazing get-away!


    Many of our newcomers ask themselves what their first week learning Spanish in Cusco at AMAUTA actually will be like. Charged with loads of excitement and ambition they are about to start an amazing adventure far away from home, and undoubtedly this life changing decision comes with plenty of uncertainties.

    As the following testimonial of a recent Spanish student points out, you should not worry about the details and just leave the fun times up to us. The experienced staff of AMAUTA, the first Spanish School in Cusco, will do everything possible to make your stay as comfy as possible, and is always available to answer your questions before and after coming to Peru!

    ”During my first week of Spanish classes I took a placement test with the other new students. As I have an inherent anxiety for any type of exam, I was quite nervous for the outcome. Gladly, the exam turned out to be non-threatening, and I was pleased that the short conversation test was with a friendly professor who made me laugh and feel comfortable with my little knowledge of Spanish.

    What to expect from your 1st week of learning Spanish in Cusco!