AMAUTA has distinguished itself as an expert in facilitating Spanish language programs for children. Over the years many families from all over the world have chosen our Spanish School in Cusco and Buenos Aires as their location of choice to spend a unique and educative holiday in South America.

The Spanish for families programs at AMAUTA are custom designed for different age groups and include a lot of flexibility and most importantly many entertaining activities!

Spanish for Kids: an unforgettable family experience abroad!

Eva and Rikki Goldman, age 9 and 11
Spanish class in Buenos Aires has been so much fun. All the teachers are really nice and patient and they like to play games with us. We did projects like writing a magazine, collages and interview the adult students, all in Spanish of course. The class is 4 hours long, but it goes by really fast. We did not know any Spanish at all when we got here and now we have learned all about verbs, animals, colors, fruits and animals. Muchas gracias AMAUTA!

Amy and David Goldman, USA
We are a family traveling in South America and wanted to have some basic Spanish to help us on our travels. We needed to find a Spanish school that could teach us, the parents, as well as the kids. We have spent five weeks here in Buenos Aires going to classes in the mornings and discovering the city in the afternoons. AMAUTA has been great about accommodating our various levels of Spanish. Our kids go to their classes while we go to ours. Besides some basic Spanish grammar we also got a real insight into Buenos Aires lifestyle and culture. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to attend AMAUTA.

Spanish for Kids: an unforgettable family experience abroad!

The Winkler Prins family from Europe
First of all Emma (12 years old) and Brandt (9 years) had the most amazing time at the AMAUTA Spanish School in Buenos Aires. Everyone at the school is so kind and helpful, always welcoming us with a smile and hug that we all really felt at home. The teachers were all like big brothers and sisters for our kids and we were really surprised how inventive they were getting the attention of our kids for 4 hours daily..and this for 7 weeks! Before we left Brandt was not eager to spend his break learning Spanish, but it were these wonderful teachers who convinced Brandt he too could learn a language and enjoy coming to school It is always tougher for him to compete with his 3 years older sister, who feels so comfortable already speaking Spanish. Besides Spanish they learned to bake empanadas, playing the ukulele, get better at their foosball skills and enjoy all kinds of cultural excursions. Now they are begging to return your school!

Paul and Lucy Graham, USA
AMAUTA has been an excellent choice for our family of four to study Spanish in Cusco. My husband and children had absolutely no Spanish language education prior to our arrival and I had very little. We were placed in very appropriate classes – of small sizes, not more than four students so far – with knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructors. Our children are learning through play, games, art, reading and field trips. Their instructors are patient, engaged, and thoroughly competent. Likewise, my husband and I are learning through didactic instruction, game and many practical exercises. AMAUTA´s emphasis on active learning through many teaching modalities works for adults and children alike.

Spanish for Kids: an unforgettable family experience abroad!

AMAUTA’s outstanding facilities and experience in arranging for suitable family accommodation, fun out-of-class activities and other travel in Argentina or Peru plans (you might want to take the whole family to Machu Picchu, the Amazon Jungle or perhaps Patagonia) are proofing to be the decisive factors time after time for everyone in the family to have a blast!

For additional orientation please visit our webpage where we provide extensive information about the Spanish for family and kids programs!

Just ask us for more information, choose your location to study Spanish and let us make it happen for you. Your children will love you for it!