They say that food is the way to a person’s heart. Well, that is certainly the case in Argentina and Peru where national cuisine is treated with enormous pride and passion. And to their right, as both countries in their respective ways, have caught the world’s attention with exceptionally tasty and unique dishes.

If Latin American cuisine tickles your fancy, you now have the opportunity to share the passion of cooking with the locals through the newly introduced ‘Spanish and cooking course’ at the AMAUTA Spanish school in Buenos Aires and Cusco. There is no better place to immerse yourself in the local culture than the kitchen, the center place for family socializing, while learning cooking techniques and recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Discover the flavor of language with the Spanish & Cooking course!

Internationally, Peru is increasingly being recognized for its authentic and particularly flavorsome gastronomy. Every single region of Peru boasts its own specialties and each of them quite different from the neighboring region due to the type of produce available. Under the guidance of highly qualified chefs you will learn to prepare wonderful dishes such as ceviche, lomo saltado, aji de gallina, rocoto relleno, papa a la huancaina as well as salsas and regional desserts. The Spanish and Peruvian Cuisine Workshop also takes you out to the market where you will get to know all about the immense variety of ingredients while enjoying the opportunity to practice your Spanish with the merchants!

In Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires, the culinary plates are described as a fascinating blend of Latin American flavors with Mediterranean influences. The tradition of eating together as a daily festivity is a very important part of understanding the culture and gastronomy of Argentina. For the duration of this Spanish and Argentine Cuisine Workshop you will learn the ritual of preparing a mate tea, how to bake empanadas and the tricks of the trade in preparing celebrated dishes such as the chunky locro stew and the sweet alfajor cookies. After each session you will get to revel over your culinary talents having lunch with the chef and some premium Malbec wine.

Discover the flavor of language with the Spanish & Cooking course!

“I realized that I wasn’t just participating in a criollo cooking class, but getting a true insight in the Argentine culture. You’re cooking in a porteño kitchen, in a charming house situated in the beautiful residential neighborhood of Belgrano. The chef is adorable and reminded me of my mother, organized and spontaneous at the same time. It was a lovely experience I got to take home with me, literally, as the workshop includes your very own recipe book with traditional Argentine favorites like humita and budin de pan.” 

The main emphasis of the Spanish and cooking classes is to gain an intensive Spanish learning experience while cooking, and having lots of fun at it! The cooking workshop in Buenos Aires involves 2 sessions of each 3 hours while the one in Cusco takes 10 hours. In addition, during AMAUTA’s daily free cultural activities you also have a chance to put on your apron while learning how to mix a renowned Pisco Sour Cocktail or prepare a choripan during an Argentine bbq or parrillada, which has become almost a national emblem in itself.

Discover the flavor of language with the Spanish & Cooking course!

There is no doubt that when you study Spanish in Buenos Aires or Cusco with AMAUTA, you will get to stimulate all five senses through a unique fusion of Latino culture, cuisine and language. Impress your family and friends with new culinary creations and new understanding of Spanish.

If we have teased your taste buds enough, just contact us to reserve your spot in the kitchen!