So, Spanish Students: if you’ve seen Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, and filled up on your fair share of ruins and Inca culture in Peru, what do you do for a weekend in Cusco?

How about quad biking? I went a few weeks ago, deep in the wet season, and it was all the better for it! We watched as we chilled out in AMAUTA during the morning and the rain lashed down, knowing that the perfect biking conditions were being created for us as we waited. 

What to do in Cusco at the weekend: Quad Riding

We headed down by taxi to the lower parts of the city of Cusco, where we met our guide, Katy, and her driver. We practiced in a small off-road area, where we got used to the gears and brakes. Before long we were heading out along main roads back into the city, but before you knew it we were off the main roads and onto small roads leading higher out into the city outskirts.
As we climbed roads got thinner, and eventually we were on dirt track roads, high above the city of Cusco.

The route up here was both beautiful and great fun – we had a few hours charging around, overtaking each other and trying to get each other as wet as possible as we shot through the huge puddles built-up over the last few hours of rain.

What to do in Cusco at the weekend: Quad Riding

We stopped for photo opportunities over the city at a viewpoint, and also for a distant view of the amazing ruins of Sacsayhuaman, in the northern part of the city . I didn’t realize at the time but we covered quite a distance getting all the way there.

We headed back by retracing some of our route, before hitting a fast unused road where we could really test our bikes!

Overall it was a great afternoon’s activity and we arrived back in the main square still raving about the last few hours!

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