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  • This week is a unique week for Spanish students that are interested in the traditional culture of Peru and that came to not only to learn Spanish but to be immersed in Peruvian cultural. Especially if you study Spanish and live with a Peruvian host family you will have a very special week: Semana Santa (Eastern) – is a very important event to the people, full of processions and traditional food and sweets.

    Cusco celebrates Semana Santa or Eastern Week

    It all starts with ´Domingo de Ramos´ (Palm Sunday) when Peruvian families in Cusco go to church together , all holdings crosses with palms and seek blessings. Many beautiful creations of flowers can be found on the streets of Cusco. Monday, is the day of the patron Saint of the city of Cusco called The Lord of the Earthquakes or El Senor de los Tremblores This is a very important day of the people in Cusco. It all starts at around 2pm and goes until the evening, when the saint is taken to the cathedral in the Plaza de Armas to be blessed; thousands of people come to the central square to meet here, a very interesting event when you are interested in the culture of Peru.


    Peru is one of the world’s great travel destinations. However, despite the economic benefits generated by the international tourism industry in the area the majority of the local people live in either poverty or extreme poverty. For instance in Lima, and Cusco, there are a lot of children working on the streets. The older ones often have to take care of their younger siblings and are the first ones who drop out of school.

    AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco has been organizing volunteer placements in Peru ever since its founding in 1998 and we are happy to connect local people and projects with our Spanish students, of which many are interested in give a helping hand as a volunteer. AMAUTA not only organizes the volunteer placements itself but offers complete programs for volunteers– including Spanish classes in Cusco, accommodation in our Student and Volunteer House or with local guest families, and we organize cheap and fun tours in Cusco. And – most important – AMAUTA does not only support the volunteers, but also the projects in Cusco, in different ways. Are you interested? Many volunteer projects in Cusco need you and through your booking, AMAUTA can support the projects even more!

    Volunteer Work in Cusco Peru with streetkids!

    The project for street kids in the city centre of Cusco is one of those organizations that benefit greatly from the participation of volunteers! Thanks to the help of many AMAUTA volunteers, the kids in this project can be a child for a couple of hours, and play, learn, do their homework, learn some English, enjoy recreational activities and maybe even enjoy a small meal at the end of the day. Through your volunteer work in Peru, AMAUTA can support this project to help around 25 street kids that are working on the streets of Cusco, selling sweets, postcards etc. on the streets, or work as a shoe-shiner.