This week is a unique week for Spanish students that are interested in the traditional culture of Peru and that came to not only to learn Spanish but to be immersed in Peruvian cultural. Especially if you study Spanish and live with a Peruvian host family you will have a very special week: Semana Santa (Eastern) – is a very important event to the people, full of processions and traditional food and sweets.

Cusco celebrates Semana Santa or Eastern Week

It all starts with ´Domingo de Ramos´ (Palm Sunday) when Peruvian families in Cusco go to church together , all holdings crosses with palms and seek blessings. Many beautiful creations of flowers can be found on the streets of Cusco. Monday, is the day of the patron Saint of the city of Cusco called The Lord of the Earthquakes or El Senor de los Tremblores This is a very important day of the people in Cusco. It all starts at around 2pm and goes until the evening, when the saint is taken to the cathedral in the Plaza de Armas to be blessed; thousands of people come to the central square to meet here, a very interesting event when you are interested in the culture of Peru.

During Semana Santa,  many traditional Easter treats and breads are offered throughout Cusco, in the shops, on the streets, and especially in the San Pedro Market. On Good Friday in Cusco, Peruvian families prepare the well known ´Doce Platos´ : they serve a big meal for lunch for the whole family, or, actually, they serve “ doce platos”: twelve plates!

Cusco celebrates Semana Santa or Eastern Week

The last procession of this Eastern Week in Cusco takes place very early on Saturday:  a cross  will be taken from Plaza de San Francisco in the center of Cusco, up to the ruins of Sacsaywaman. From here you have a great view over the whole city of Cusco, and the cross will be here for one whole week. On Easter Sunday people go to mass again and will spend the day with their families and relatives, again, with many traditional dishes.

No doubts you will have a great cultural experience this week. The Semana Santa is a beautiful time to be in Cusco. Our travel agency Dos Manos offers different tours in Cusco and Peru, including a visit to the city of Ayacucho, where the most impressive Semana Santa celebrations of Peru are celebrated.