Today’s recipe: Rocoto Relleno

It is no longer a secret that Peru has a very authentic and flavorful cuisine; Peruvian cuisine is actually booming all over the world.  AMAUTA Spanish school in Cusco, therefore, offers an interesting workshop Peruvian Cuisine that can be combined with a Spanish course in Peru.

One of the most famous dishes is the Rocoto Relleno, a stuffed hot pepper that is colorful, aromatic and incredibly tasty all at once. It is a traditional appetizer from the mountain city of Arequipa in the south of Peru, served alongside a delicious potato gratin; however in all fairness, it could make for a complete meal already!

Spanish and Cooking in Cusco Peru at AMAUTA Spanish School

This Peruvian recipe contains beef, pecans, raisins, olives and more. It can take some time to prepare as there are several preparation steps involved (boiling the peppers, filling, stuffing and baking) but once you taste its hot and unusual flavor you know it was all worth it. This heavenly meal will definitely impress at a dinner party.  Serves 8 to 10: