Don’t delay any longer if you are considering signing up for a Spanish course in Buenos Aires ! The electric city of Buenos Aires will undoubtedly provide you with the most amazing South American experience — full of culture, night life, history, fashion, passion, adventure, and new local and foreign friends ! A great setting where you can learn Spanish and feel immersed 24/7.

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Why Study Spanish in Buenos Aires ?

  1. Enjoy the nightlife in Buenos AIres !
    Are you prepared to be a night owl? Buenos Aires is not only the biggest city in Argentina, it’s by far the most vibrant one. Here, music plays an important role, and Buenos Aires offers a large selection of nightclubs and concerts. Be aware, the nightclubs are open from 2 am to 6 am. Don´t worry if you don’t like dancing, there are also a lot of good restaurants and a wide variety of bars. The most famous and fun are in San Telmo, Recoleta, Palermo and Belgrano. Kitchens are usually open from 8pm to 1am and the pubs normally close at 6 a.m..
    Tip ! The AMAUTA staff at the school administration of AMAUTA Buenos Aires will help you ……
  2. Nights in Buenos Aires

  3. Walk around the city of Buenos Aires !
    Buenos Aires is probably one of the most beautiful cities of South America and its architecture is often compared to that of Paris, due to it’s European heritage, from the neo-classical style of the Governor’s Palace to the Art Deco-style born in the 60’s! Nothing could be better than wandering through the different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and discovering theinteresting mix of styles in Belgrano, Recoleta, Palermo, La Boca, San Telmo, Puerto Madera, etc…… In addition to its incredible architecture, Buenos Aires stands out for its tree-lined streets, and its big green parks around and in the middle of the city (Rosendal, bosques de Palermo).
    Tip ! ALmost weekly, the Spanish students go for a walk to the Rosendal Lake, as one of the free cultural activities offered by AMAUTA
  4. City of Buenos Aires

  5. Tango, tango and tango !
    Buenos Aires is the birthplace of the Tango. This dance and musical style allows us to become more familiar with the rich «porteña» history from a nostalgic point of view. Still alive nowadays in a lot of establishments, especially in San Telmo, Buenos Aires affords us the opportunity to learn about Tango’s history, become inspired with its spirit and of course, to practice it. Don’t be shy, you don’t need to be the reincarnation of Carlos Gardel, or an exceptional dancer to try some of tango’s steps. Moreover, every year, Buenos Aires organizes the internationally recognized « Festival Mundial Del Tango » !
    Tip ! You can join the free tango class at AMAUTA to give it a try !
  6. Tango class in Buenos Aires

  7. Watch a football match at « La Bombonera » La Boca !
    In Buenos Aires, during the weekends, soccer matches give a different color to the city ! Soccer is the most practiced and popular sport in Argentina. Buenos Aires holds several stadiums with more than 50, 000 seats. The most famous is « La Bombonera » located in the district « La Boca », in Buenos Aires. This is a unique experience ! Attending a match here is a must for soccer-lovers and thrill-seekers alike.
    Tip ! You can book the tickets at the AMAUTA school administration !
  8. La Bombonera - Boca Juniors

  9. Appreciate the capital cultural!
    As a result of an intense artistic past, Buenos Aires holds the biggest concentration of theaters and operas of Latin America, one of which is the magnificent « Teatro Colon ». It can accommodate more than 3000 people. Many other cultural locations are along Avenida Corrientes, is often compared to Broadway in London. The Argentinian cinema is also really dynamic and since 1999 the city has organized the “Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema” which is well known internationally. Buenos Aires is also a city of bookshops. Book lovers will find all kinds of books, new, secondhand, old and rare along Corrientes Avenue. Keep in mind, every district hosts lots of free cultural activities, many of which are held outdoors in the summertime!
  10. Culture in Buenos Aires

  11. Spanish School Buenos Aires!
    AMAUTA Spanish School offers you professional and communicative Spanish classes in a small group setting or in private lessons, in an extraordiary school building at the border of hip Palermo and trendy Belgrano. Staff, Spanish teachers and AMAUTA Spanish students are one big team and they work together and spend a lot of time together in this intimate setting. If you register for a Spanish course in Buenos Aires before July 1st, you can get 1 week of Spanish classes for free !
  12. Spanish School in Buenos Aires