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    They say that food is the way to a person’s heart. Well, that is certainly the case in Argentina and Peru where national cuisine is treated with enormous pride and passion. And to their right, as both countries in their respective ways, have caught the world’s attention with exceptionally tasty and unique dishes.

    If Latin American cuisine tickles your fancy, you now have the opportunity to share the passion of cooking with the locals through the newly introduced ‘Spanish and cooking course’ at the AMAUTA Spanish school in Buenos Aires and Cusco. There is no better place to immerse yourself in the local culture than the kitchen, the center place for family socializing, while learning cooking techniques and recipes passed down from generation to generation.

    Discover the flavor of language with the Spanish & Cooking course!

    AMAUTA Spanish School is very pleased to announce a brand new way to learn Spanish: Spanish lessons on Skype with our very own Spanish teachers in Cusco or Buenos Aires. The individual or semi-individual Spanish lessons online is the most convenient way to improve your linguistic proficiency, because you can decide to study Spanish at your own pace when and where you want! A unique learning plan is developed including topics on Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation as well as guided conversation about anything you wish to talk about. Topics about Latin American culture can be included. Success is guaranteed!

    Who study Spanish online with us?
    The Spanish Skype lessons are tailored to your unique learning needs and are offered to practically anyone, whether you are:

    • A future AMAUTA student; you like to take a few lessons before your arrival in Cusco or Buenos Aires, get a jumpstart by learning a few verbs and getting used to the accent in order to get the most out of your classes once you are attending our schools. A great practical way to learn some Spanish and to ‘meet and greet’ your teacher prior to arrival!
    • An ex-AMAUTA student: you have enjoyed your classes with us and know that our teaching methods work very well for you. Now you would like to continue with your favorite teacher(s) who knows you and your level of Spanish very well.
    • Study Spanish online with AMAUTA, only one Skype call away!

    Living and volunteering in South America can come with quite some challenges. It is very important to know you can count on the support of a professional and experienced organization. AMAUTA has been offering Spanish courses, cultural activities and arranging volunteer work in Peru and Argentina in a huge variety of fields since 1996.

    Upon your arrival in either Cusco or Buenos Aires, our local volunteer coordinators will be your contact persons to discuss the wishes and desired objectives you have of your volunteer project. Besides informing you about anything you need to know about the placement in question, they are always available to talk to you about your experiences and even more importantly, any concerns that might raise while volunteering.

    Our local volunteer coordinator in Peru, Martina Käser, is originally from Germany.  She studied Spanish (and speaks a couple of other languages too!) and volunteered through AMAUTA. We share her story so you already get to know her:

    Why experienced volunteer support makes all the difference!

    January 2010 was the first time I decided to travel to South America – new culture, new people and a lot of new impressions. I had already studied Spanish as a subject at university, and also spent a semester abroad in Valencia, Spain. However, I still wanted to improve my understanding of the grammar and especially practice my conversational skills! The lessons provided me just what I was looking for; the perfect mixture of grammar and conversation through all kinds of engaging exercises. I most fondly remember the week I spent at AMAUTA’s countryside location, the Spanish school in the Sacred Valley, which was an absolutely amazing get-away!


    Many of our newcomers ask themselves what their first week learning Spanish in Cusco at AMAUTA actually will be like. Charged with loads of excitement and ambition they are about to start an amazing adventure far away from home, and undoubtedly this life changing decision comes with plenty of uncertainties.

    As the following testimonial of a recent Spanish student points out, you should not worry about the details and just leave the fun times up to us. The experienced staff of AMAUTA, the first Spanish School in Cusco, will do everything possible to make your stay as comfy as possible, and is always available to answer your questions before and after coming to Peru!

    ”During my first week of Spanish classes I took a placement test with the other new students. As I have an inherent anxiety for any type of exam, I was quite nervous for the outcome. Gladly, the exam turned out to be non-threatening, and I was pleased that the short conversation test was with a friendly professor who made me laugh and feel comfortable with my little knowledge of Spanish.

    What to expect from your 1st week of learning Spanish in Cusco!

    If you are thinking of coming to Cusco to learn Spanish we would highly recommend the relaxing location of the Amauta Spanish School in Yanahuara in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Inca’s, just over an hour by bus from Cusco and 5 minutes from the Valley’s unofficial capital of Urubamba.

    Amauta has been teaching Spanish to travellers for over 12 years and all of the teachers are extremely driven to provide the students with the best learning experience possible.

    Study Spanish in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

    The Sacred Valley in Peru is an area where everything seems to work in harmony. The scenery is particularly breath-taking, and it never fails to awe-struck those visiting for the first time.


    If you are travelling in Peru or Argentina and you happen to be in the old Inca capital Cusco, or in trendy Buenos Aires on a Friday, you’re lucky!

    AMAUTA Spanish School offers FREE SPANISH LESSONS for travelers and all other people interested in learning a bit of the Spanish language.

    The Spanish classes are entertaining and adapted to the level of the students present in each class;  please sign up before Thursday 17.00p.m. by sending us an email to  

    If you don’t have time to send an email , just stop by the Amauta Spanish School on any  Friday at 11.00a.m.

    The Spanish classes are held at our two main locations. In Cusco, AMAUTA Spanish School is located at the Calle Suecia, just a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas. We are situated a cozy Cusco building with a lovely

    Free Spanish classes at AMAUTA in both Cusco and Argentina Spanish Schools

    sunny terrace. Our student residence, our most popular accommodation option besides a homestay, is also incorporated into this building.


    AMAUTA Spanish School carries on its long-lasting commitment to the local communities of Cusco, by giving support to the social program ‘Vaso de Leche’.

    AMAUTA saves social program in danger of being closed down The program, administered by the municipal government of Cusco, is solely designed to improve the welfare of those of fewer resources in the wide vicinity of the state capital.

    Thousands of families are benefited through amongst other the periodic distribution of food products, such as powder milk, and offering free handicraft workshops to indigenous ladies. With the newly acquired skills they are able to create additional sources of income. 

    Due to the program’s increased popularity and limited funding available, the local government has called upon the private sector to guarantee its continued success. AMAUTA decided to provide financial aid to the teacher of a weaving workshop, so there would be enough material to teach mothers how to decorate purses, pants, scarves and other clothes with different knitting techniques.


    The day is in honor to the great writer Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, who passed away on this date in the year 1616 in Madrid.

    Cervantes was known as "El Manco de Lepanto", the greatest writer of his time, leaving behind his immortal work "El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha", as well as other great literature such as "La Galatea", "Viaje al Parnaso" and his "Novelas Ejemplares".

    Today it is International Spanish Language Day