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  • This week is a unique week for Spanish students that are interested in the traditional culture of Peru and that came to not only to learn Spanish but to be immersed in Peruvian cultural. Especially if you study Spanish and live with a Peruvian host family you will have a very special week: Semana Santa (Eastern) – is a very important event to the people, full of processions and traditional food and sweets.

    Cusco celebrates Semana Santa or Eastern Week

    It all starts with ´Domingo de Ramos´ (Palm Sunday) when Peruvian families in Cusco go to church together , all holdings crosses with palms and seek blessings. Many beautiful creations of flowers can be found on the streets of Cusco. Monday, is the day of the patron Saint of the city of Cusco called The Lord of the Earthquakes or El Senor de los Tremblores This is a very important day of the people in Cusco. It all starts at around 2pm and goes until the evening, when the saint is taken to the cathedral in the Plaza de Armas to be blessed; thousands of people come to the central square to meet here, a very interesting event when you are interested in the culture of Peru.


    AMAUTA Spanish School is very pleased to announce a brand new way to learn Spanish: Spanish lessons on Skype with our very own Spanish teachers in Cusco or Buenos Aires. The individual or semi-individual Spanish lessons online is the most convenient way to improve your linguistic proficiency, because you can decide to study Spanish at your own pace when and where you want! A unique learning plan is developed including topics on Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation as well as guided conversation about anything you wish to talk about. Topics about Latin American culture can be included. Success is guaranteed!

    Who study Spanish online with us?
    The Spanish Skype lessons are tailored to your unique learning needs and are offered to practically anyone, whether you are:

    • A future AMAUTA student; you like to take a few lessons before your arrival in Cusco or Buenos Aires, get a jumpstart by learning a few verbs and getting used to the accent in order to get the most out of your classes once you are attending our schools. A great practical way to learn some Spanish and to ‘meet and greet’ your teacher prior to arrival!
    • An ex-AMAUTA student: you have enjoyed your classes with us and know that our teaching methods work very well for you. Now you would like to continue with your favorite teacher(s) who knows you and your level of Spanish very well.
    • Study Spanish online with AMAUTA, only one Skype call away!

    Doing the MALBA!

    Coming from Europe I’m used to seeing Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Picasso and Dali, to name but of a few of our best known European painters. Their works of art are familiar to me and over the last couple of years I’ve learned a thing or two about them.

    I grew up in a house full of paintings (my mother is a painter) and I work with young painters, sculptors and artists all the time but I still cannot say I’m an art expert. I know what I like and that’s about it. But I can only know what I like from the things I’ve seen with my own eyes and here in Buenos Aires I’ve discovered a new kind of liking.

    Doing the MALBA!

    At the AMAUTA Spanish school in Buenos Aires you get to learn Spanish four hours a day. Of course it’s best to practice what you’ve learned and therefore they organize free cultural excursions to introduce you to the ‘real Argentina’. You can learn to play Truco, get to know the ins & outs on drinking Mate, prepare an Argentinean meal and visit one of the many museums in Buenos Aires.


    If you are thinking of coming to Cusco to learn Spanish we would highly recommend the relaxing location of the Amauta Spanish School in Yanahuara in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Inca’s, just over an hour by bus from Cusco and 5 minutes from the Valley’s unofficial capital of Urubamba.

    Amauta has been teaching Spanish to travellers for over 12 years and all of the teachers are extremely driven to provide the students with the best learning experience possible.

    Study Spanish in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

    The Sacred Valley in Peru is an area where everything seems to work in harmony. The scenery is particularly breath-taking, and it never fails to awe-struck those visiting for the first time.


    Top 15 Tips for Learning Spanish

    Learning a new language is challenging at the best of times however, following these handy hints will help make the process a lot easier (and fun too!).

    Top 15 Tips for Learning Spanis

    • Use flashcards, and keep them with you EVERYWHERE you go.
    • Label all your surroundings in Spanish.
    • Do not expect perfection! Expect mistakes, and do not be embarrassed by them.
    • Develop an “ear” for the way the language sounds – watch films, television, listen to the radio, etc.
    • Be consistent with your learning – practice for a set period every day.
    • Talk to yourself!
    • (más…)

    1. Learn Spanish

    Even though English is commonly spoken by many (young) Argentineans, practicing your Spanish before traveling to Argentina or whilst being there is a big surplus. Understanding the basics of Castellano is not only convenient in getting around; it is also greatly appreciated by the locals. Learning a language doesn’t come easy for many of us, especially the Porteño (Buenos Aires) accent mixed with Lunfardo slang acquires some adaptations. Practice your Spanish skills when bargaining on the market, or in a bar when meeting new people. It’s fun! And probably before even realizing you end up saying things like: "Che, qué haces boludo?"

    2. Talk to locals and travelers

    If, at some point, you think that your Spanish is getting somewhere, make use of it! Local people are fun and friendly and can provide you with inside information about hidden boutiques, good restaurant, nicest sunset spots and upcoming festivals. Talk to travelers too. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Their suggestions might end up being the most memorable experiences of your trip.

    Tips to make the most out of stay in Buenos Aires

    Learn Spanish in Cusco at Amauta

    Learning Spanish at AMAUTA in Cusco (Peru) is a great experience. You will be totally immersed in the Spanish language local cultural as FREE DAILY ACTIVIITES are freely offered for all Spanish students and volunteers.

    Learn Spanish in Cusco at Amauta

    Our Spanish Programs include a dynamic, interesting and fun leisure program that is complementary to the process of learning the Spanish language.

    AMAUTA Spanish School offers the exceptional opportunity to follow the Spanish Program at three different locations, each highlighting a different aspect of Peruvian culture: the beautiful city of Cusco, the rainforest of Manu and the picturesque village of Pisaq, at 15 minutes walking from the main square and the market, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Due to the lower altitude (2800 meters) the climate here is warmer than in Cusco. Here you can explore Peru as it is and feel like you are truly immersed in the culture.

    Study Spanish in Pisac in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

    The Sacred Valley Spanish Program maintains the high level of instruction, as all AMAUTA teachers rotate between the locations. In AMAUTA Pisac, the students live with the teachers in the residence, with many opportunities to practice Spanish. The Spanish classes will take place in either the morning or in the late afternoon, allowing time for the multitude of opportunities for exploring the Valley. Two guided excursions are included in the program.


    Bariloche – the portal to Patagonia- is a wonderful place to learn Spanish. This small town in the South of Argentina, surrounded by mountains and lakes, is absolutely safe and you can combine your Spanish study with lots of activities such as rafting, kayaking, paragliding, scuba diving, skiing, fly fishing and horseback riding. Bariloche is also the main hub for traveling around the Lake District, the gateway to Patagonia, and the “chocolate capital” of Argentina.  Only an 18 hour bus drive from Buenos Aires (or a hour and a half flight) and you enter in a different world.

    Weekend Trip for Spanish Students in Buenos Aires, Mar de Plata


    Cusco Peru was calling me... How I survived my first weekend and found AMAUTA Spanish School!

    It’s impossible for me to tell how important something as nervous, challenging, dangerous and yet adventurous traveling to another country! Let alone that country and that community to be Cuzco, Peru. A place on the globe that I frankly no nothing about. I was content to a degree in the place I was before i made the trip here; Chicago Illinois, is the place I called home just a few days ago yet somehow Cusco Peru was calling me too. September 26th is when i arrived in Cusco after a quite pleasant twenty hour bus ride on “Cruz de Sur” from Lima. Greeted with just the unknown I can say I was more than nervous! Armed with the knowledge of knowing how to count to twenty, say hello, goodbye, thank you, and how much is it. (más…)