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  • They say that food is the way to a person’s heart. Well, that is certainly the case in Argentina and Peru where national cuisine is treated with enormous pride and passion. And to their right, as both countries in their respective ways, have caught the world’s attention with exceptionally tasty and unique dishes.

    If Latin American cuisine tickles your fancy, you now have the opportunity to share the passion of cooking with the locals through the newly introduced ‘Spanish and cooking course’ at the AMAUTA Spanish school in Buenos Aires and Cusco. There is no better place to immerse yourself in the local culture than the kitchen, the center place for family socializing, while learning cooking techniques and recipes passed down from generation to generation.

    Discover the flavor of language with the Spanish & Cooking course!

    Top 10: What to do in Buenos Aires!

    For a great insight into the Porteño culture, add these suggestions by ex-AMAUTA students to your to-do list when visiting the capital of culture of South America!

    1. Go Tango!
      The tango runs like a recurrent thread through the social and cultural activities program hosted by AMAUTA Spanish School in Buenos Aires. With us you get to take part in free Tango lessons or sign up for the professional Spanish & Tango course. Our excursions take you to the museum of the legendary king of tango: Casa Carlos Gardel and to a restaurant club showcasing elegant Tango performances. La Glorieta and 36 Billares put on some of the best Tango you’ll find in Buenos Aires!
    2. Fiesta Argentinian Style!
      Baires is listed in the top 10 nocturnal cities in the world. La Bomba de Tiempo and The Buenos Aires pubcrawl is an excellent way to take advantage of many happy hours and get introduced to the vibrant nightlife of Buenos Aires with its many fiestas, clubs called boliches and restaurant bars. Be prepared to revel until dawn!
    3. Top 10: What to do in Buenos Aires!

    4. Grill with top chefs!
      Argentina claims to have the highest quality meat in the world, and they grill the fine cuts to perfection anywhere you go. A parillada along with good wine and happiness is a very common way of socializing for Argentineans as this student’s testimonial points out. If you are not afraid to gain more weight while living in Buenos Aires, than finish your asado with an indulging ice-cream!
    5. (más…)

    Truco & Mate in Buenos Aires

    The game of Truco is truly an Argentine experience. While studying at the AMAUTA Language School in Buenos Aires I had the opportunity to participate and learn the fun and interesting card game, complete with an extremely enthusiastic porteña- one of the AMAUTA teachers.
    To set the table, we heated up the water, prepared the maté, found the bombilla (metal straw), and dealt the special truco cards. Nothing would be complete here in Argentina without maté, it’s just one of those things. We all sat down and learned about all the different suits or “palos” (basto, oro, espada and copa) and the order of power. There are also many subtle nuances to the game that can only be picked up over time, such as sneaky moves based on lies and facial gestures to inform your partner of your hand.  The word ‘truco’ means ‘trick’ in Spanish, and the game is very tricky indeed!  We learned the basics of team play and did a couple of practice games, with each one bringing us closer to understanding the full game. (más…)

    Argentineans and their ” mate “

    The first thing you will notice when arriving in Argentina is that many people are drinking from strange tea cups with a metal drinking straw. What is that all about? Why do all people carry a thermos with them and are so addicted to drinking this special tea? Well, let´s find out!

    Mate, pronounced as mah-tay, is the essence of Argentina. It is a cultural practice that transcends the barriers of social class, ethnicity and occupation in Argentina. Young, Old, Indigenous, European, Rich, Poor, Modern, and Old fashioned all take up this cultural tradition. This mate is not seen just as a special drink, but as an elaborate ritual. The purpose of this ritual is to share it amongst your friends, family, coworkers or even total strangers.