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  • If you are thinking of coming to Cusco to learn Spanish we would highly recommend the relaxing location of the Amauta Spanish School in Yanahuara in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Inca’s, just over an hour by bus from Cusco and 5 minutes from the Valley’s unofficial capital of Urubamba.

    Amauta has been teaching Spanish to travellers for over 12 years and all of the teachers are extremely driven to provide the students with the best learning experience possible.

    Study Spanish in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

    The Sacred Valley in Peru is an area where everything seems to work in harmony. The scenery is particularly breath-taking, and it never fails to awe-struck those visiting for the first time.


    1. 6.    For those seeking adventures a bit more extreme. Don’t worry. Very close to Cusco you can live it up by going rock-climbing or off-road quad racing through some truly spectacular scenery. Perhaps you feel like soaring around like a condor while paragliding or take on some of the meanest rapids in the world of white water rafting. Whatever your challenge of choice, it will sure get your adrenalin pumping!
    2. 7.    The food of Peru is worldwide known for its diversity and richness in flavor. Indulge yourself with some true Peruvian dishes (comida criolla) such as Aji de Gallina (spicy chicken stew), Anticuchos (marinated beef heart), Lomo Saltado (stir-fried beef) and local Andean delicacies such as roasted Cuy (guinea pig). Other favorites are Escabeche de pescado (boiled fish seasoned with onions, aji and lemon juice), Rocoto Relleno (beef and veggie filled pepper) and for a good digestion a ‘Chicha de Jora’. Highly recommended!
    3. Top 10 what to do in and around Cusco

    4. 8.    Join a salsa class and get acquainted with this sensual and very entertaining dance. Every Friday afternoon after lessons, AMAUTA Spanish School offers its students to participate in this free activity. And just in case you need some encouragement to get your hips moving, first taste a Pisco Sour; the traditional cocktail that has become the Cultural Patrimony of the nation of Peru.
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    We often get the question, what else is there to do around Cusco besides trekking and hiking to Machu Picchu? Well, you will be amazed about all the options. Here goes our pick for students of Amauta:

    1. 1.    Visit the typical market of San Pedro, hosting a myriad of stalls packed with local produce, including unfamiliar types of vegetables, fruits, cheese, flowers and even odd bits and pieces used in prosperity rituals and giving praise to the ‘Pachamama’ (Mother Earth). Not into cooking yourself? Just bench up with the locals at one of the many eateries and try out the deliciously prepared ceviche or chicharones and get a freshly squeezed juice to go with it.
    2. 2.    Wander around the narrow cobblestoned streets of picturesque neighborhood San Blas, known as the art district of Cusco. It’s also the place to enjoy great organic coffee and some of the best fusion cuisine in town. At night, live music haunts like ‘7 Angelitos’ and ‘Km.0’ only add to its laid-back bohemian vibe.
    3. Top 10 what to do in and around Cusco

    4. 3.    Climb the stairs on the edge of town to the ‘Cristo Blanco’. From this plateau with an enormous statue of Jesus, you are able to overlook all of Cusco excellent for great photos. If you happen to have planned your visit around the 24th of June, you will lucky enough to experience a great festivity at the nearby ‘Sacsayhuamán’ (its pronunciation easier remembered as Sexy Woman) Inca fortress, where the cult of the Inca’s to the Sun God, their highest divinity, is celebrated in great traditional and folkloric glory.  
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    AMAUTA Spanish School offers the exceptional opportunity to follow the Spanish Program at three different locations, each highlighting a different aspect of Peruvian culture: the beautiful city of Cusco, the rainforest of Manu and the picturesque village of Pisaq, at 15 minutes walking from the main square and the market, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Due to the lower altitude (2800 meters) the climate here is warmer than in Cusco. Here you can explore Peru as it is and feel like you are truly immersed in the culture.

    Study Spanish in Pisac in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

    The Sacred Valley Spanish Program maintains the high level of instruction, as all AMAUTA teachers rotate between the locations. In AMAUTA Pisac, the students live with the teachers in the residence, with many opportunities to practice Spanish. The Spanish classes will take place in either the morning or in the late afternoon, allowing time for the multitude of opportunities for exploring the Valley. Two guided excursions are included in the program.