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  • At AMAUTA Spanish School in Buenos Aires we focus on teaching the Spanish language while providing a full immersion experience into a vibrant new culture. What better way to do this than to join our new Wine Workshop in Buenos Aires!

    Our Spanish and Wine course is a godsend to wine lovers all over the world. You’ll spend four very entertaining afternoons learning all there is to know about the wine making traditions of Argentina, while you study Spanish in the mornings. Each workshop session is given in easy to understand Spanish (with English or Portuguese explanations when needed) lasting for an hour and a half, while the Spanish group classes are tailored to your comprehension skills, beginner or not.

    New Spanish and Wine course at AMAUTA Buenos Aires!

    The wine sessions are held off-campus, hosted by prestigious sommeliers at a classy vinoteca in Buenos Aires. You will get insight into the different varieties of Argentinean vineyards and grapes, the elaboration processes of espumantes for red, white and oak aged vinos and study the importance of pairing different types of wine and food and which combinations should be avoided at all cost. Each day you will get to take part in a wine tasting session, known as a Cata de Vino, of some of the best new wines produced in Argentina. You will appreciate to distinguish the unique exponents not found in wines produced for mass consumption. This event alone is reason enough for some students to take part in this program!


    AMAUTA has distinguished itself as an expert in facilitating Spanish language programs for children. Over the years many families from all over the world have chosen our Spanish School in Cusco and Buenos Aires as their location of choice to spend a unique and educative holiday in South America.

    The Spanish for families programs at AMAUTA are custom designed for different age groups and include a lot of flexibility and most importantly many entertaining activities!

    Spanish for Kids: an unforgettable family experience abroad!

    Eva and Rikki Goldman, age 9 and 11
    Spanish class in Buenos Aires has been so much fun. All the teachers are really nice and patient and they like to play games with us. We did projects like writing a magazine, collages and interview the adult students, all in Spanish of course. The class is 4 hours long, but it goes by really fast. We did not know any Spanish at all when we got here and now we have learned all about verbs, animals, colors, fruits and animals. Muchas gracias AMAUTA!


    Once you’ve attended some lessons at AMAUTA Spanish School in Buenos Aires you can go out on the street and give your newly developed language skills a try. Most people you meet will be friendly and patient while you are trying to order stuff, ask questions and make small talk. Porteños like it when you make the effort of trying to speak Castellano and they will help you any which way they can. Sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as you’d like. I have been trying to ask for paltas at several groceries but every time the vendor looked at me all funny, as if I am speaking Martian. Paltas are avocados and part of my daily Buenos Aires diet but they are, sometimes, hard to come by. How difficult can it be pronouncing ‘paltas’? Pretty darn hard, as it turns out!

    Improve your Spanish, while feeling at home and out of place at the same time

    Most of my fellow students here at AMAUTA had their living arrangements taken care of by the Spanish school. They all live in the vicinity of the school, somewhere in Belgrano. Ole, the Norwegian guy, lives with a landlady who serves him breakfast and dinner and Luca, the one from Switzerland, lives in a student residence together with other students. Every day they leisurely stroll to school, ordering their medialunas on the way to Av. Federico Lacroze 2129.

    I never thought about living with a host-family or together with other students because before I knew it one of my best friends had arranged for me to live in an apartment with an Argentinean girl. My very own place! In Holland I am used to having my own space for quite some time now so this was right up my alley. Of course, being from Amsterdam, I am also used to ride my bike wherever I want to go. Holland is a small country and you can get virtually everywhere within a couple of hours. Even by bike.

    The way to go…#1 (about the colectivo in Buenos Aires)


    6. Get involved in Argentinean culture

    Showing interest in Argentinean culture will win you a lot of respect; taking part in it is even better! There are a few things in Argentina which play a very important role in daily life. Fútbol is one of these. If you get the chance to visit a football match in Argentina, don’t hesitate. It will be one of your best experiences in Argentina. There are nearly ten football clubs playing in Buenos Aires, so lots of options. The biggest clash is River Plate versus Boca Juniors. It’s considered one of the biggest rivalry sport events in the world. Besides football, the tango is intertwined with living in Argentina. Lots of Spanish schools offer tango classes. Too lazy to take classes? Free tango shows are given in the weekends on the San Telmo market and in La Boca.

    7. Read the newspaper

    In order to understand more about the culture and to keep track of what is going on in the country, do read the newspaper. The Argentina Independent is a free newspaper in English and covers Argentinean as well as other Latin American and world news. The Argentina Independent puts lots of attention on Argentinean culture too. This newspaper gives you a good insight in daily life. And after a while, with your newly obtained Spanish skills, you might be able to understand and read Argentinean newspapers, like El Argentino o La Nacion.

    Tips to make the most out of stay in Buenos Aires

    Cusco Peru was calling me... How I survived my first weekend and found AMAUTA Spanish School!

    It’s impossible for me to tell how important something as nervous, challenging, dangerous and yet adventurous traveling to another country! Let alone that country and that community to be Cuzco, Peru. A place on the globe that I frankly no nothing about. I was content to a degree in the place I was before i made the trip here; Chicago Illinois, is the place I called home just a few days ago yet somehow Cusco Peru was calling me too. September 26th is when i arrived in Cusco after a quite pleasant twenty hour bus ride on “Cruz de Sur” from Lima. Greeted with just the unknown I can say I was more than nervous! Armed with the knowledge of knowing how to count to twenty, say hello, goodbye, thank you, and how much is it. (más…)

    Student’s Diary

    Lindsay Hatzenbuehler
    United States

    Each morning, on my walks up the steep winding street to the Saqsaywaman ruins or through the quiet streets in and around the central plaza, I excitedly ventured thru and around a city that is slowly becoming more modern yet is still home to a population that is religiously strong and culturally rich (the elders continue to speak Chechua and wear traditional clothing and restaurants serve traditional Peruvian food).


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