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  • Don’t delay any longer if you are considering signing up for a Spanish course in Buenos Aires ! The electric city of Buenos Aires will undoubtedly provide you with the most amazing South American experience — full of culture, night life, history, fashion, passion, adventure, and new local and foreign friends ! A great setting where you can learn Spanish and feel immersed 24/7.

    An amazing discount on our Spanish courses offer if you sign up before July 1st.

    Why Study Spanish in Buenos Aires ?

    1. Enjoy the nightlife in Buenos AIres !
      Are you prepared to be a night owl? Buenos Aires is not only the biggest city in Argentina, it’s by far the most vibrant one. Here, music plays an important role, and Buenos Aires offers a large selection of nightclubs and concerts. Be aware, the nightclubs are open from 2 am to 6 am. Don´t worry if you don’t like dancing, there are also a lot of good restaurants and a wide variety of bars. The most famous and fun are in San Telmo, Recoleta, Palermo and Belgrano. Kitchens are usually open from 8pm to 1am and the pubs normally close at 6 a.m..
      Tip ! The AMAUTA staff at the school administration of AMAUTA Buenos Aires will help you ……
    2. Nights in Buenos Aires



    Living and volunteering in South America can come with quite some challenges. It is very important to know you can count on the support of a professional and experienced organization. AMAUTA has been offering Spanish courses, cultural activities and arranging volunteer work in Peru and Argentina in a huge variety of fields since 1996.

    Upon your arrival in either Cusco or Buenos Aires, our local volunteer coordinators will be your contact persons to discuss the wishes and desired objectives you have of your volunteer project. Besides informing you about anything you need to know about the placement in question, they are always available to talk to you about your experiences and even more importantly, any concerns that might raise while volunteering.

    Our local volunteer coordinator in Peru, Martina Käser, is originally from Germany.  She studied Spanish (and speaks a couple of other languages too!) and volunteered through AMAUTA. We share her story so you already get to know her:

    Why experienced volunteer support makes all the difference!

    January 2010 was the first time I decided to travel to South America – new culture, new people and a lot of new impressions. I had already studied Spanish as a subject at university, and also spent a semester abroad in Valencia, Spain. However, I still wanted to improve my understanding of the grammar and especially practice my conversational skills! The lessons provided me just what I was looking for; the perfect mixture of grammar and conversation through all kinds of engaging exercises. I most fondly remember the week I spent at AMAUTA’s countryside location, the Spanish school in the Sacred Valley, which was an absolutely amazing get-away!


    Dia del Estudiante with AMAUTA!

    On the 23rd of September each year, Perú celebrates Día del Estudiante (Student Day)! It is a day to recognize the hard work of students, to congratulate and support them on their endeavors to be better people and professionals, and to enjoy the art of learning. Since AMAUTA is a Spanish school, and AMAUTA is full of students, and AMAUTA loves its students, AMAUTA organized a day of celebration!

    Dia del Estudiante with AMAUTA

    The day started off as usual with a lovely breakfast of eggs, bread, and fresh juice followed by some Spanish language practice. Then, promptly at 10:00 AM, the bus left the school and made its way along the winding road from Cusco to Pisac, which is a picturesque Andean city located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The jaw dropping views of the fertile lands and historic Incan terraces made this 30-minute bus ride a treat in itself. However, the fun really began once we arrived in Pisac.

    The AMAUTA Volunteer Program provides the unique opportunity to live and work in Cusco, Peru. Spanish students and volunteers will experience first-hand its rich cultural diversity while cultivating a superior level of Spanish proficiency. Through the Volunteer Program, AMAUTA and the volunteers are able to make contributions to Peruvian society and to help bridge the gap between foreign visitors and native Cusqueños.

    AMAUTA Volunteers donate to volunteer Project in Cusco

    One of the ways volunteers support our projects, is through donations. Last month, two Dutch volunteers, who worked for 4 weeks in an after school project in Cusco, brought donations from their home country. Together with the AMAUTA Volunteer coordinator, we decided to use the money for two different projects in Cusco: an organization of blind people and a clinic of disabled children. (más…)