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  • Anyone in the area of southern Peru should head to Puno this coming month, due to the amazing Virgen de la Candelaria festival taking place there. Whilst the first ceremonial day is on the 2nd February, the main attraction is the following week with the dance and song competition in the Puneño stadium, where thousands of people flock to watch the proceedings.

    Make the Most of Februaryss Candelaria Festival in Puno

    For the rest of the month, Puno continues to celebrate with traditional songs, dances and alcohol, so even if you can’t make the principal weekends, turning up on any day of the month will see you enter the party. From Cusco, it makes for a great weekend for AMAUTA Spanish students, leaving the Friday evening and returning in time for Spanish classes on Monday, plus you can benefit from the student and cash discounts available when you book at the school administration in Cusco.


    Your time in Buenos Aires will be filled with many new sites and experiences, no doubt, and some will be more interesting than others. It is often difficult to know from your guidebook which activities are truly worthwhile. So, we thought it might be helpful to get advice from fellow students. We parsed the people at AMAUTA for must do activities in Buenos Aires, and we condensed it into a list of the top 10 things. We hope you have time to enjoy them all!

    • Take time to visit the Palermo Parks.
      Enjoy a picnic, rent a bike, lay in the grass, enjoy the lakes and diverse wildlife. It’s Spring, for pete’s sake!
    • Treat yourself to a fantastic parrilla.
      There are many parrillas, but there are some that are exceptional. Try La Cabrera and Las Cholas in Las
    • Top 10 Must-Do Activities in Spring in Argentina!

    • Attend a dinner tango show.
      To travel to Buenos Aires and not attend a dinner tango show is just a darn shame. There is so much passion in it!
    • Free city walking tours. Organized by Buenos Aires’ city government. The architecture is breathtaking, and all the neighborhoods are vastly different.
    • Attend a futbol game.
      Argentineans are futbol fanatics, and weekends bring huge crowds to the city. Chanting along with thousands of Argentineans will be an unforgettable experience!
    • (más…)

    Study Spanish in the Rainforest!

    Here in Tambopata, it is definitely possible to easily survive without cellphone and internet! There is so much to do and explore!

    One week studying Spanish in Tambopata is full of adventures and great experiences! The boat ride from Puerto Maldonado to the resort is very nice and interesting. On the way to the resort, there is so much to see. You see how the people live and how they uncover gold from the river. Even watching the boat traffic is interesting! 🙂

    Study Spanish in the Rainforest!

    I really liked the AMAUTA Tambopata resort where we stayed. The big swimming pool was definitely refreshing after all the trips we did! The bungalows are lovely furnished, and the AMAUTA staff is so nice! I appreciated the fresh pressed juice we had every day and the food was also very delicious! Every day after class there was something to do, such as a trip to an Indigo village where we could swim in the river and walk through the jungle.

    If you learn Spanish at AMAUTA Buenos Aires you will not only learn Spanish; most likely, you will also learn some “lunfardo”. Lunfardo is an argot or slang of the Spanish language, which developed at the beginning of the 20th century in and around Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lunfardo developed with the arrival of many immigrants from Italy, Spain and France. Most immigrants spoke their own dialect instead of standard Spanish and Italian.

    Study Spanish, Study Lunfardo at Amauta Buenos Aires

    Spanish and Tefl

    Participants of our Spanish TEFL course, learn or improve their Spanish while obtaining their TEFL certificate in Peru or Argentina, with which they will be able to get a job as a certified English teacher everywhere in the world. This course is thé passport to living your dreams abroad, teaching English in exotic locations in Latin America and all over the world.

    During the first two weeks, you will be studying Spanish. Our Spanish group lessons offer customized instruction at the level and pace that best suits you. AMAUTA is well known for its interactive, clear and personal teaching methods. The second part of the program (starts on Monday or Wednesday of week 3) consists of your TEFL course. This International TEFL Certificate course is a practical and thorough course designed for candidates that have no or little previous experience in English teaching.  During the 4 week TEFL course you will become familiar with the principles of successful EFL teaching and start developing the practical skills that you will need to teach effectively.

    Spanish and Tefl

    Truco & Mate in Buenos Aires

    The game of Truco is truly an Argentine experience. While studying at the AMAUTA Language School in Buenos Aires I had the opportunity to participate and learn the fun and interesting card game, complete with an extremely enthusiastic porteña- one of the AMAUTA teachers.
    To set the table, we heated up the water, prepared the maté, found the bombilla (metal straw), and dealt the special truco cards. Nothing would be complete here in Argentina without maté, it’s just one of those things. We all sat down and learned about all the different suits or “palos” (basto, oro, espada and copa) and the order of power. There are also many subtle nuances to the game that can only be picked up over time, such as sneaky moves based on lies and facial gestures to inform your partner of your hand.  The word ‘truco’ means ‘trick’ in Spanish, and the game is very tricky indeed!  We learned the basics of team play and did a couple of practice games, with each one bringing us closer to understanding the full game. (más…)

    Spanish and Machu Picchu

    What should a Spanish student in Cusco do during the first weekend off? Indeed: I made it to Machu Pichu yesterday! It was a lot cooler than I expected. We left at 5am in the morning. I was picked up at my homestay by taxi. The taxi brought us to the train station. The train left at 6am. Our ride was 4 hours long to Aguas Calientes. I had splurged for the nicer train and we had a lot of windows to look out of. Also we were served a small breakfast.


    We arrived in Aguas Calientes around 10 am and met our very enthusiastic guide, Darwin at the station. Then our tour group got on a bus for the 30 minute ride to Machu Pichu. Being there was actually gorgeous and my pictures just don´t do it justice. Our tour was probably an hour and a half walking around all the ruins of temples, dwellings and agriculture.

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  • Greetings from Cusco!

    I’ve been living here now for about two months and I can’t get enough of Peru.

    Admittedly, Peru was not high on my list of places I wanted to visit. But then my previous job (marketing natural and fair trade foods) brought me to Peru early in 2008 to learn about fair trade mangoes and coffee. As soon as my plane landed in Lima, despite being exhausted from my long trip from Minneapolis and despite knowing barely any Spanish, I immediately felt a sense of, “This is where I want to be.

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