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  • Step 1: Choose YOUR trek. Choosing the right trek for you depends on your how much time you have before, during or after your Spanish studies, and on your personal preferences. The Classic Inca Trail Trek lasts 4 days and 3 nights and the Short Inca Trail Trek lasts 2 days and 1 night. It is important to note that this trek involves a lot less trekking and camping.

    How to Be a Responsible Traveler

    Step 2: Check available trek dates. Our travel partner Dos Manos Peru recommends booking your Inca Trail Trek approximately three months in advance, especially for the high season, which takes place from June through August. The Inca Trail is closed during February for maintenance every year. The Peruvian government limits the number of people, including trekkers, guides, porters, etc., that are allowed on the trail to 500 per day. To check the number of spaces available for any day, visit the official Peruvian Ministry of Culture website: or send an e-mail to for updated info.


    Spanish and Machu Picchu

    What should a Spanish student in Cusco do during the first weekend off? Indeed: I made it to Machu Pichu yesterday! It was a lot cooler than I expected. We left at 5am in the morning. I was picked up at my homestay by taxi. The taxi brought us to the train station. The train left at 6am. Our ride was 4 hours long to Aguas Calientes. I had splurged for the nicer train and we had a lot of windows to look out of. Also we were served a small breakfast.


    We arrived in Aguas Calientes around 10 am and met our very enthusiastic guide, Darwin at the station. Then our tour group got on a bus for the 30 minute ride to Machu Pichu. Being there was actually gorgeous and my pictures just don´t do it justice. Our tour was probably an hour and a half walking around all the ruins of temples, dwellings and agriculture.

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  • Argentineans and their ” mate “

    The first thing you will notice when arriving in Argentina is that many people are drinking from strange tea cups with a metal drinking straw. What is that all about? Why do all people carry a thermos with them and are so addicted to drinking this special tea? Well, let´s find out!

    Mate, pronounced as mah-tay, is the essence of Argentina. It is a cultural practice that transcends the barriers of social class, ethnicity and occupation in Argentina. Young, Old, Indigenous, European, Rich, Poor, Modern, and Old fashioned all take up this cultural tradition. This mate is not seen just as a special drink, but as an elaborate ritual. The purpose of this ritual is to share it amongst your friends, family, coworkers or even total strangers.



    WORLD DAY OF TOURISM!On September 27th, 2008 Cusco will begin it’s WORLD DAY OF TOURISM! This is a wonderful event that will last for a week for all to enjoy. There will be festivals, fireworks, and daily events throughout the city for all who are traveling and want to participate. Take part in the local cuisine, the dances, the souvenirs and the parades and be a part of something special! All are welcome to join in. This event is being sponsored by private and public institutions throughout the city and will host local events throughout the day and into the evening. Most of the festivities will be taking place in the main square, Plaza de Armas. So if you are looking for something fun to do that you can only experience in Cusco, Peru, head over to the Plaza on September 27th and get involved in all that this amazing city has to offer.